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Done for YOU!

Your digital content is done for you a month in advance.

Done for YOU.

If you need digital content for your website but don’t have time to do it yourself and you’d like to keep in touch with your customers, then this is the perfect package for you!

All your digital content done-for- you a month in advance. 

What does you’re monthly package includes?

Digital Content Calendar.

A month-long calendar with articles, headlines and subheadings.

Blog writing.

4 blog Articles (750 words per blog).

All blog posts uploaded to your website with links to Facebook and Instagram.

Email Marketing.

An electronic email newsletter direct to your customer’s inbox at a frequency that suits your business.

Add on extras for an additional fee.

Blog images.

Email template design.

Wordpress updates & maintenance.

What’s happens next?

If this is for you then let’s connect.

Message me by clicking on the contact me button below and provide me with a little detail about your business.

Once I receive you message I’ll get in touch to arrange for a chat.

We’ll discuss what you need for your business. 

I’ll provide quote  for your package.  If it’s all sounding good, I’ll send you a contract to review and approve.

I’ll then get started and plan out your month-long campaign. 

This is content creation for your business made easy!

Pricing is subject to the complexity of the project and the pre-work briefing required before the commencement of the project.

You might like to book a 3, 6 or 12-month package and save a little on your blogging and email marketing project. 

Once you’ve agreed on a package that suits you, I’ll send you the details of your package and a contract.