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Beauty Audit

Your Communication Review.

I’ll take a look at your business communication and provide you with my diagnosis and quick fix recommendations you can implement immediately to get your customers taking action. 

Areas you may need help with could be…

Your Website Content 

Your customer’s first impressions of you. 

Service Menu 

All the things you do.

Your Blog 

If you have one, and you should have one.

Your Social Media Content 

Headlines and content.

Email Communication 

Your email newsletter or beauty updates.

Or maybe…

You have something specific you need help with.

It’s totally up to you!!

Get in touch by clicking on the button below and tell me about your plans, projects or the areas of your content needing some love.

It’s Free!

This is a 2-hour session from end to end.
Once we’re done you may choose to activate any recommendations.
What’s Next?
After your initial review, you may like to book one of the following services. 
A Single Session or the Digital Content Makeover